Our track records make us who we are today.


Striving for exceptional experience and excellent work performance, we are committed in providing solution to each and every need of our customers. We ensure that we delivered as promised or better, to every project that we were entrusted with.


CBB Customer Management System (CuMaS)

A platform that enable City Broadband Provider to efficiently reach out to their customers’ needs and manage it remotely

Server Hosting

A co-location server services that provide domain registration and VPS with 24 hours support for MBIP, Johor and Zentrillion

Digital Application System

  • KelantanPay : Digitalizing Kelantan financial and economic activities with Digital ID Solution
  • UTMSmart : Developed an ecosystem to enhance and ease educational activity for lecturer and student such as attendance tracking via QR

Infrastructure Project

Together with a team of experts in the field, we had delivered systemic fiber optic infrastructure solution in many residential area such as Perdana Lakeview, Sejati Residence, Verdi Econdominium, and etcetra.

Digital Application System

  • Sipadu: An integrated enforcement system that enable local council to issue, manage, view and for public to pay compound
  • Shout: A platform that allows speaker or host to properly receive and analyse public opinions

Inventory Management System

An integrated system to help monitoring and managing company inventories 


A payment router service that help to ease payment process

Fiber Optic Infrastructure

Development of fiber optic infrastructure at TNB hydrostation in Perak



Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact us?

Just email to info@swisslink.com.my or fill up contact form below for us to reach you back with a proposal or perhaps a coffee or teh tarik session to discuss. 

How to acquire our services ?

Reach us via contact information below. It is always our first step is to discuss your needs and work our way on how we can serve you. 

Interested to do internship with us?


We do welcome internship to help developing our nation resources. Drop us an email via info@swisslink.com,my with your CV and a brief description about your dream. 


What is our core business ?

We focus in integrated system development to meet customer need in the area of fiber infrastructure, communication, software development, server and network services as well as now we are providing payment router solutions with competitive costing. 

Where we can me you ?

We in Cyberjaya. You can find our office address below

Why I need to choose you as our partner?

We believe in creating value through strategic collaboration with our client thus it is our duty to provide professional facilitation and exceptional performance in delivery our solution. 

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